Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Colony

Minneapolis has had an outbreak of murders this year, many of them gang-related.

Last weekend, there was a shooting in my neighborhood. A few blocks north of my building is the Old Colony Gas Station. Three men were shot, one killed. Fortunately, the gunman has been arrested and charged.

As this story takes place close to home, I have been following it in the news. I am not intending to make light of a very serious and tragic situation, but it makes me laugh that in every story the Star Tribune has published on it to date, they describe the station as "[featuring] a cheerful, yellow faux beehive".

1 comment:

  1. Point 1: I guess I haven't been following it that closely, but this rising trend in gang violence is not good.

    Point 2: The Strib does have a way with clever descriptives. I like the "cheerful, yellow faux beehive" almost as much as their "Teflon muffin" in reference to the Metrodome.