Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the Beginning

Why, on my third attempt at a blog, write about Minneapolis?

It's where I live, where I love. They say "write what you know". So, I am.

How much do I love Minneapolis? Enough to get it permanently placed on my body. On my right wrist, the Spoonbridge and Cherry, my favorite work of art which just so happens to reside in the Sculpture Garden of the Walker Art Center.

The title of this blog--Spoonfed Minneapolis--is meant to be a combination of the original two purposes of this new project of mine: arts and food in Minneapolis. However, I've already realized that there are other things--politics, shopping, and sports, to name a few--that will also be a big part of my writing as well.

There has been a huge movement toward supporting the local economy in recent years, and that's something I've been working on doing in my life as well. So my purpose is to hilight the art, restaurants, shops, and issues that make Minneapolis the wonderful city it is. I'm always open to suggestions of ideas or places to feature!

I hope you enjoy reading, and I hope you enjoy Minneapolis!

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