Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minne Links 10.20

Sad day in downtown: Palomino is being turned into yet another Crappy Crave. RIP 90's decor.

Happy day in NE: the former location of Pop!! is being turned into... something. Update: Hazels! Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in NE.

More happiness, October-style, in NE!

Pop psychology at its finest: go see the SuperFreakonomics author speak! And go see the movie at the Uptown theatre, too! This would be a great first date idea, if you can't find something to talk about after this--just stop trying.

Speaking of theatres in Uptown, I may have to check out the midnight movie on November 5-6... I saw it at midnight a few years ago at another great independent theatre in NYC and it was a blast!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Minne Links 10.15

Good! Hook 'em early. Kids (under 18--sorry to those who are simply young at heart) are now free at the Walker, all day, every day. Thanks Wells Fargo!

Love Uptown? Love wine? Looking for plans next Wednesday evening? I've got just the thing!

Nominations are now being accepted for 2011 James Beard awards. Did you know that anyone is allowed to nominate? Really! Show some love to your favorite local restaurants and chefs here.

Wait... there's a Minnesota Walk of Fame... and Bob Dylan wasn't the first (and with the exception of Prince--the only) to be honored?

This one is tenuously linked to Minneapolis, but I like this blog because a) a friend's older brother writes it, b) it talks about Friday Night Lights, and c) the Wayzata High School football coach is my neighbor! And I happened to run into him last weekend on his way home from the game talked about in this post. Way to go Coach Matt! I'm still jealous of your TV!

And last but not least: this looks awesome. Even though it's allegedly full--I would love to stage an Amazing Case event (Drinkelodeon/Beer Olympics redux, perhaps?)!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Minne Links 10.8.10

New feature! Gossip and news I'm hearing around town, but don't want to write a full post about. Minne links. Get it!

Some new bars are coming soon to Minneapolis!

Damn, never got to try Subo.

Can the Undead get intoxicated? My sources say yes...

I don't know about you, but I'm gettin' lei'ed on October 28th!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breaking Bats, Planting Trees

I have avoided writing about the Minnesota Twins this far, my fear has been that I would somehow jinx them. So I'm not going to wax poetic about how much I love them and how every player on the team seems like a guy I'd want to have a beer with, and how amazing Target Field is.

I'm just going to link to this story about how, for every bat broken by a Twins pitcher, they've arranged to have 100 trees planted in the state. And for the season, that means 18,000 trees will be planted. That's amazing!