Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making the City Feel More Like a Small Town

A few weeks ago, it was my boyfriend's 30th birthday party. We hosted a beer tasting at North Loop Wine & Spirits to celebrate.

I knew that one of the liquor store employees also owns a farm in Wisconsin, and sells at the Mill City Farmer's Market.

After the party at NLWS, we headed across the street to Haute Dish to continue drinking some quality beer. A little after we got there, the guy from the liquor store walked in the front door, with his arms full of produce that he was bringing for the kitchen. I knew the restaurant sourced locally as much as they were able, but it became so much more real to me--this guy that sells us beer and wine also provides the great ingredients for the wonderful dinners we've had at Haute Dish. And in turn, the liquor store prides itself in stocking wines and beers that the local restaurants have on their menus.

There's something so charming about that--so neighborly--that I fell in love a little more with my neighborhood right then and there.