Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Back!

OK, it's been a long time. Almost half a year. I've been busy. But I'm back and promise that my posts will be come more frequent, more exciting, and more awesome than ever!

First bit of news, and this is exciting: Fall Restaurant Week has been announced, and it will be taking place from Sunday, October 23 through Friday, October 28. Looks like the usual suspects that we see every Restaurant Week, only this time I might make the effort to get to Saffron, because they're in my neighborhood and have recently redone their space. I know little-to-nothing about Middle Eastern food, so I think Restaurant Week would be a good opportunity to check out what they probably consider their "all stars". I find that most RW tasting dinners cater to the lowest common denominator (I'm talking Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant instead of some kind of spicy curry), but it could be a good intro to a new kind of cuisine.

Second, this article in City Pages reminded me that there is SO MUCH to love about dining and Minneapolis in general. Did you know that Lucky Charms started out by combining Circus Peanuts (which are so gross!) with Cheerios? In-cred-ee-bee-lay! Do you think they left anything off the list?

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